Episode 015 – Everett Gets Engaged to Katie Pergola

Everett pops the question. No, not on the air… previously, you numbskulls. Our buddy Sean Cameron finds the lost trasures of Tut Ankhamen in his bathroom sink. We discuss why we love (or hate) a video game, and Everett has played 135 hours of Nidhogg. Or like, Steam stats are fuct. Probably the latter. f(x)’s Diamond, from their album “4 Walls” is featured.

Episode 012 – The Second One We Called “Episode 11”

We’ve lost count of what episode number we’re on. FOR THE RECORD, RICH SAID “EPISODE 12”, BUT WAS QUICKLY “CORRECTED”. We figure out the ELO scoring system, and play The Division, Devil Daggers, SF5, and … yes … destiny-with-a-lower-case-d. We pirate a really good song for our break music (“7 years old” by Lukas Graham. please don’t sue, we’re advertising for you!). Special Guest Katie Pergola!

Episode 008 – OK, You Can Listen Again

OK, the alarm is over. You can listen again. This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system. Rich loves the Witness, and has come full circle. Everett will be spending his Valentine’s Day fragging foolios in Destiny with Katie Pergola. Ashton is somehow cramming 60 frames of Tales of Symphonia into a 30 FPS timeslot. Something about physics. We don’t write graphics drivers.

Episode 007 – Don’t Listen to This One

Episode 7 will forever be a black mark on our otherwise beautiful podcast. Rich had entirely too many beers, and Ashton and Everett watch from a respectful distance while he slides slowly into the abyss. You’ve been warned.

On the plate today is The Division Beta, more of the Witness, Tales of Symphonia, and shouts out to DJ ECTO 1 and SuperUgly of Unified School District.

Everyone I shoot in The Division Beta is Black or Mexican :(


Anyway…like… everyone. There are NPCs that are black and not “bad guys” but they’re usually drunk. I’m pretty sure that every “bad guy” in the game is either black or hispanic, though. I can’t remember shooting a white person at this point, unless they were another Player Character.

I’m not sure what this says about the state of the game, or Ubisoft as a Canadian developer, though.

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Episode 005 – Live Studio Audience

This episode was filmed in front of a live studio audience. We are joined by special guests Sean Slattery, Robert Garabet, and Katie Paplos (aka Katie Pergola). We touch on the physics based pre-release brawler Gang Beasts, Korean MMO Soul Blade, and Ashton beats Rogue Legacy and Ori (followed closely by Everett). I reaffirm that Archer is better than Bob’s Burgers, and we all agree that Tom Clancy’s The Division is going to be a HOT up-and-comer.